Dear Reader,

Have you ever encountered this scene?


Dogs certainly are pack animals; however, without a strong pack leader, walks can dissolve into disorderly messes which compromise the health, happiness, and safety of our canine companions.  Unfortunately, many dog-walking services in NY try to increase the size of the pack to maximize their profits without really considering the effect that increase has on the quality of their services.

Fearing that their dogs will be neglected in these chaotic groups, some dog-owners insist on their dog being walked alone.  But this can also lead to problems for dogs!  Without regular socialization, canines can become anxious and aggressive towards other dogs, as well as moody and uncomfortable around the house.

I grew up in a family which took special care of two beautiful dogs, one of which was a prize-winning show dog.  I was very concerned about the dog-walking services I saw in New York, so in 2005 I decided to offer a service which offered the individual attention and pack setting that are necessary for dogs to thrive.


Canine Cardio proudly offers small-group walks of no more than 3 dogs.  Our dogs receive individual attention and the socialization they need to remain happy and healthy.  We make sure that our dogs are playing happily with one another and we also make sure to keep in close communication with our clients, letting them know how their dogs are doing and of any changes in behavior or health.

We’re confident that between our communication, individual attention, and responsible staff, we’ve assembled the best dog-walking service available in New York.

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