When It Comes To Who’s Looking After Your Pet, Which Would You Prefer?




Jennifer Geizhals, President

Jennifer has always had a strong love for dogs and grew up in Rochester, NY with two purebred Vizslas, one of which was a prize-winning show dog.  After receiving her Bachelor of Science from Northwestern University’s School of Communication, Jennifer moved to New York, NY.  Soon after her arrival, she noticed a distinct lack of quality in the dog-walking services provided to Manhattan residents: dogs were walked in large packs, and walkers did not understand their canine clients’ needs.  She decided to rectify the situation in her own neighborhood on Manhattan’s Upper East Side, and in 2005 launched Canine Cardio.  The business was founded on a strong belief in long-term relationships with clients, individualized attention for their dogs, and top-notch understanding of canine behavior.